The Invisible War Receives Oscar Nomination for Best Documentary


Just this morning we found out that The Invisible War has been nominated for an Oscar.  

As filmmakers we’re blown away, but most importantly we’re thrilled about what this means for the movement to end military sexual assault.  We’re in awe of every survivor who had the courage to defy the system and speak out, the members of Congress—those in our film and others on the Hill who have championed this issue—and the advocacy groups who have tirelessly pushed for action.

We’re honored that our film has been able to shine a light on this systemic issue – and is playing a role in transforming it.

It is a huge accomplishment to be listed next to other incredible films - you can view the full list of nominations here:

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commented 2013-02-26 13:05:34 -0500
So happy to hear about the film’s success! Congratulations! You have made a tremendous contribution to the betterment of women’s lives. Now you should consider teaming up with Eve Ensler for next V-Day! I am so glad to have brave role models that I can point my two beautiful daughters to, along with the many other beautiful women in my life.
The Invisible War


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